Tiny Worlds of Water

The weather has been very wet since I returned from vacation. It has rained almost every day. Not all-day rains, though; just bits and pieces here and there, with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in for good measure.

Understandably, everything is covered in water droplets. So when I walked out into the yard in the morning, I took my camera along and did some water droplet photography.

Above is a photo of water drops on jewelweed (aka, touch-me-not). For whatever reason, this surface provides an amazing way for water droplets to display themselves. Something to do with surface tension and adhesion, I'll bet.

But to me, they looked like little worlds of water, each seeming to shine with its own internal light. Wouldn't it be a fine thing to be an itty-bitty orange fish living inside one of these tiny worlds of water?

The song: the Go-Go's, with Worlds Away, from their 1982 album Vacation.

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