Silly Saturday ....

Boy did I ever miss the antics of my squirrels when I was in North Carolina last week!  

Speaking of my NC trip .... I have finally updated my journal with all the pictures taken whilst away.  They start here if you are interested.  Some of you have already seen some of them but I have filled in the blanks.

Richard had to drop off some things at a co-workers house this afternoon that he promised to bring her.  Her kids are in 4-H and he was dropping off some small machines for them to learn how to rebuild. We also gave them our old pool slide that was removed from our old in-ground pool. 

After dropping off these things we went to Lehigh Gap Nature Center as it was fairly close to the woman's house.  We walked around their gardens but didn't see a lot of wildlife.  We did see a juvenile praying mantis .... which was pretty cool.  

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