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Marsden Rock

We were in Sunderland today for my cousin Margaret's funeral. She died 6+ years after a diagnosis of breast cancer, but she had secondaries at the time of diagnosis. She battled on, trying every sort of chemotherapy available, but to no avail.

Margaret and her husband Michael attended Enon Baptist Church and the place was jam packed for the celebration of her life. People stood around the walls of the main church and then filled an overflow hall. She had touched many people's lives and they were there to pay their respects. It was a very positive funeral with a body of people who firmly believe in heaven and know that Margaret is already there. We wore bright colours and the singing was loud and cheerful.

The cremation was across town - whoops "city" - because Sunderland is a city now. I was born and brought up there, so I can't make the change in my head. Mum and I decided it was too much to make that journey to the crematorium, so I took Mum for a gentle drive north along the coast to see the sea. 

The sea fret that is so typical of the east coast had lowered the temperature of the day and reduced visibility, but I was able to capture this image of Marsden Rock. I am old enough to remember when this limestone block was an arch, which crumbled in 1969 leaving two stacks.

Fulmars, cormorants and kittiwakes nest here. You can see the stiff winged flight of the fulmars in my image.

The afternoon was spent at the Seaburn Hotel where a large crowd of friends and family shared food and memories.

Back home it is TOO HOT for comfort.

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