Whirling Butterflies

A Gaura lindheimeri catching the evening sun. This variety is supposed to be drought tolerant - not something my plants often have to cope with. But at after 8:00 pm with three hours of daylight to go the garden is still hot.

It was pretty murky this morning as I set off for a day's work but by the time I got to Dundee just after 09:00 there was a tiny bit of blue sky and things just got better from then. By the time I got home and set off for yoga it was a bit too hot. Just lovely now though. I have to pack an overnight bag as I'm off in the morning and not home till Friday night. So I'll be hoping to blip something completely different. I don't know what it will be but unless I'm really mistaken I don't think it will be as scenic as last week's blips from Luing. But I might be proved wrong. We shall see.

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