A majestic morning with the Kings

I managed to get to the hide at Penny Flash this morning around 8am. It was already full of 7 photographers, and I was informed that the kingfishers had been seen on almost every post there is in the last half hour! "Typical", I thought, " just my luck"...… but within 5 minutes they were back - 3 of them!! The only issue was the light - it was totally in the wrong place, but you can't have it all I guess :) 
I spent a wonderful 90 minutes watching this little family and taking tons of shots, most of which have now been deleted. It was a magical morning. There are a couple more shots in extras if you are interested. 
I got home in time to have another shower, refill our own bird feeders and then pop round to my parents for lunch which was lovely as usual. 

Now home and watching the end of the Spain V Russia match - it's looking like penalties...….how exciting! 

Will try and catch up with my commenting now as having a lazy evening in front of the fan doing nothing :) 

Hope everyone has had a good weekend - it's been another scorcher where we live. 

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