I'm back!!

Typical! Yesterday, Saturday, I decided that as I am now back on my feet and have been given the go ahead by the consultant to drive, it was about time to start blipping again. And then, what happens? My PC has a fit and gets a virus that I couldn't shift last night :(
Independence restored, and husband out at an all-day games session, I headed over to Pennington Flash to see what was about. Disappointingly, nothing much caught my eye, or maybe I am just out of practice having been away for 3 months....?

This Song Thrush was the best I could do, as walking the whole site was not an option. Although my leg is now much better, I am still walking with a slight limp, and walking more than a couple of miles still gives me quite a sore ankle, so I have to take it easy.

But it's good to be back and hopefully I will be back in the groove again soon. I've missed you all and all your wonderful photos.

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