Men at Work

All my boys spent most of the day working really hard in the blistering heat, mixing cement for the summerhouse base. They did a great job, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough materials to finish it so Jon has ordered more, to arrive Tuesday. They will then finish the job in the evening, weather permitting! Luckily Jon was able to borrow his friend’s mixer so it was far faster than if they’d done it by hand.

Meanwhile, Mollie went out for the day with friends and I ironed!!

I cooked a chicken biriani with the barbecues leftover chicken from yesterday. It could have done with more flavour and less time cooking, but most of it was eaten.

We had a quick walk to the allotment after dinner. It has been far too hot to work down there during the day, but I will try to go tomorrow to weed and to dig up my first potatoes.

I’ve had my Sunday bath and now must get an early night. 7 working days before my holiday, so I’m going to need to get in early!!

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