Mister .........

 ............ Whisper snoozing in his bed.

Himself was snoozing on the sofa and I was doing "woman's work" - ie. cooking Sunday dinner!  (sorry to offend anyone, who is overly pc, with that remark!!) .......... in our house we have blue jobs and pink jobs ....... lately nearly ALL the jobs seem to be turning pink!!!!  :o))

Another sunny day and I read there has been hardly any rain in the whole of June!    Hosepipe ban soon then!!

~ Anni ~

If you haven't seen the FF8_2018 sprinklings of BB hearts and HMs please take a look here.

Seems today I have posted my 2,555th blip - wow, who'da thunk I'd manage that??    
So many photos but, more importantly, so many friends both real and virtual - I thank every one of you for your comments, stars, hearts and friendship over the years .
Special thanks go to all the ''BoBBers'' (you know who you are) who have made the last five years meetings, in various parts of the US, so fabulous and worthwhile.
The Fab Four have made such a contribution to keep our lovely site viable so much gratitude goes to them too.

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