Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The other Marjorie

I was up early and clearing rubbish our of the garage before it was too hot. That necessitated a trip to the tip, always an interesting experience as you try to decide which skip the rubbish goes into.

Shopped at Aldi where the shelves were pretty empty. I suspect they had not received their Monday morning order yet.

Home for lunch. Then into Hexham where we went for tea with the other Marjorie, our very special friend. She is always full of chatter and the content is mesmerising. As she expressed herself with her hands, I took a few photos. "You're not photographing me?"  "Only your hands" I said. Well it was nearly true. I decided that a collage was the best way to give you some idea of the animated conversation.

We called at Mavis and Alan's for me to leave my prints ready for the Hexham Abbey exhibition in August. I'm really pleased with the prints and I hope other people like them too.

Then to M & S for one or two essential items, including the blueberries that were absent from Aldi earlier.

After watering the garden I shall be putting my feet up!

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