Hey blue eyes

Abe's eyes are sadly losing any blueness they had. Good job I can make them whatever colour I like in Photoshop!

I took another very bracing stroll at the wetlands this morning. Then Brenda came round - she's a Weimaraner breeder we met a couple of months ago. She had cuddles with Abe, he showed off a bit and then she helped me to (finally) be able to clip his nails! She's lovely, and has promised to come and visit again.

Then Little Miss' Auntie S came around to pick our lovely girl up. She's gone out for dinner with her mum's family and then is staying at her other auntie's house tonight so that she can spend some time with her mum.

Mr B and I are taking Abe out to puppy class and then have a Skype meeting. Nikau has just had a delicious dinner and will be sleeping it off. It's a tough life being a cat.


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