The Joy of Daisies

I have to admit that the toasty temperatures have been something. We are experiencing a heat wave in the northeastern U.S. that has brought the heat index up to temperatures over a hundred degrees in the afternoons. And on some days, as on this one, the heat is eventually chased away by strong, house-rattling thunderstorms.

The extreme heat, I do not love. But there are many other things to celebrate about summer. Flowers, for instance. This is a low-angle view of the daisies between the alumni center gardens and the duck pond on campus. They were strong and perfect and beautiful, almost shining in the morning light, and they reminded me of pure joy.

So here is a song for joy: George Winston, with Joy, from his marvelous album December. For those who enjoy this tune, here is a link to the whole album, December (for once, read the comments, for they are lovely).

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