Seed Pods

TT had to find a route out of town to go and pick BB up, as we were trapped by road closures due to the Ironman event.  Thankfully he managed.  I think most of the competitors had already passed through by the time I got myself out for a run.  What a glorious morning, with a welcome cool breeze.  I enjoyed my run today, apart from the fact that I lost my footing on a speed bump and fell!  I now have a lovely grazed hands and knees.

The boys headed off on a camping adventure.  I pottered and did a few jobs, before deciding to go out for a river walk.  My wee river walk, ended up being a walk to Hailes Castle and back again, which is not what I had planned when I left the house.  It was a really lovely day for the walk, compared to the last time we did it

I came home to a peaceful house, and ate my tea in the garden.  The boys phoned me, from a phone box no less, to tell me they are in an idyllic campsite in the Yorkshire Dales.

I liked the way the sun was lighting these seed pods by the river, on my return journey.


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