Rural Abstract

I couldn't think of anything more rural than cows: open range cows. Cows who don't understand they aren't nomads. This is a cow guard transversing the width of the road. They are intended to keep those free rangers from getting them and us in perilous positions.  Often, there are simply signs with a warning to keep your eyes open (see first extra).  Then there are the cattle guard warnings (second extra).  I can only guess that the space between the rails is perfect to keep those bovine hooves from getting by.   I couldn't even walk across it. 

I went to my Photoshop Elements group this morning and walked out more confident in my photography than ever.  The instructor asked me to print five or so of the photos she saw today to be hung together in the club and around town. I've never thought anything I shot was worthy of printing so I never did. In her words, "Look around here.  There are a lot of bird photographers but they would kill to have shots like these (as an example)."  
I was, as many say,  chuffed! 

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting abstract Thursday.

Edit: Good on the London mayor.  Just saw on the news that he approved a hovering 6 m blimp of Trump wearing a diaper during The Donald's visit next week.  If anyone there gets a photo of that, PLEASE let me know!

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