By Bella888

Day 5: at Doyley22’s suggestion

Only 09:00 and today’s journal is done. Dear Doyley22 set me a challenge by suggesting a foot blip. With a 0.5cm opening in the (sun) blackout curtains have used the little light to present the offending body part.

The unopened, thankfully not required, MORPHINE bottle stands by the permanently on Dyson - and under always on Sky News* (*sorry fellow blipper BVFL33 - can see a rant heading my way).

On Day 8 (Monday) I present the hopefully ganglion-less foot to the nurse for a bandage change. That will be the first reveal. Have no idea how large the wound is as the surgeon left without seeing me (it was late). I foresee another week or two immobile, all because of a stupid seemingly nothing ‘jelly lump’ (that was already operated on 2 years ago!).

Just hearing the Thai cave boys’ rescue attempt may take place today or tomorrow. Sounds like a race against time before the rain. Hope no more tragedies (1 volunteer now dead, you may have seen).

He’s off to tennis soon......I’ll try not to roast in here.

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