Aliens in Bournemouth!

We walked past Lansdowne Roundabout on the way to buy bread at the Polski Sklep. Startled to see this machine coming in to land! OK the airport’s nearby, but it’s not on their arrival list. And it’s definitely not a drone

A silly sight for a sunny Saturday? Or is the heat getting to me.

NB And I haven’t superimposed it on this photo. Promise.

Enjoy your weekends. I’m indoors now after we had an early walk while it was cool’ish. And plenty of tennis to watch, Fognini the Italian, and Harriet Dart (her mum played at Mr B’s London old tennis club). And we’ll keep an eye on Junior Wimbledon (3 of our current club’s members are playing).

Thanks Admirer for today’s Silly Saturday challenge

***UPDATE: All is revealed in the extra***

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