Hang in there

Messed around in the morning waiting for an Ikea delivery (bits and pieces, nothing exciting). Lunch, then same walk as yesterday. Weather warmed up and there were more people hanging around in the centre. Too many for comfort. So we skirted round a back street, popped into see the parrots. Then home.

Recently we’ve noticed fit young men performing gym routines on the rails at the Art & Makers Market (as the gyms are all closed). Today was the turn of this guy, all alone, hoisting himself up from a rail by his mouth. Difficult to watch, so we didn’t stay. He was practising, this was no place to attract a crowd.

I might have wished to ask him a few questions, but he was well engrossed in his activity. And the bit in his mouth would have posed a slight barrier.

Time to go eat strawberries ........:)
Night night

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