Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Fishley Wharf - False Colour IR

Another infrared image.  Well it is so rare to get so many consecutive days of sunshine and blue skies during a British summer, you've got to take advantage.  The traditional look is as an extra.

The plan was to walk to this wharf along the local roads and then return along the towpath.  Unfortunately, there was fencing across the towpath with a large sign saying the path was closed.  Speaking to a dog walker it appears that they are dealing with a leak in the canal further along.Plenty of wildlife around, particularly insect life (thankfully not the biting sort).  The local radio was reporting a large number of horse flies this year; nasty little so and so's, I remember being bitten a few years ago and it took months for the wound to heal.

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