Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A Cloud Appeared

An increasingly rare sight at the moment.  Shades of '76.

An unmistakable building.  I had every intention of taking a colour image today, but unfortunately my E-M1 II is playing up; most frustrating given it was only returned by Olympus on Monday after a service.  As with these things it happens sometimes, but not others.  I'm getting pixelation on the screen and then the camera locks up and won't return to normal unless the battery is removed.  I took some photographs of the rear screen exhibiting the fault so hopefully their customer service can get a better idea what might be wrong.  Funnily enough on each occasion it's played up I've been outside in the heat of the day.  When I tried to recreate the issue indoors in cooler conditions it didn't happen.  

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