Miss L and her friend Miss E have been looking forward to their sleepover for what feels like months! They've been writing packing lists, activity lists and generally getting more and more excited.
Today was the day!!!
Miss L struggled down the stairs with her bulging suitcase and I pointed out that maybe it was an awful lot of stuff for just one night.
That was before she went back up to get a rucksack also stuffed to bursting!!!
Oh my God!!
Apparently Miss E had asked her to bring lots of toys!
We were too late leaving to school for me to do anything about it so off she went with all her luggage!!
I had a couple of hours at home - just time to take Archie out before it got too hot - and then it was back to Miss E's school to collect her when they broke up at Noon.
I am sooooooooo happy that they've broken up. The last few weeks have been so crammed with the constant events, appointments, meetings, work, fetes, concerts, performances...... I can't remember it being so full on before.
But it's over, woohoo!!!!
Miss L was going home with Miss E and her mum so I only had one pick up to think about.
From school Miss E and I went to Prezzo with fifteen or so friends and all their mums. It was a bit chaotic at first - the waitress had seemingly never had to serve more than two people at a time!! But we all got settled eventually - the kids inside and the mums out in the courtyard. Lovely.
Because I'm an addict I had a salad with avocado, chicken and bacon. And a beer. Delicious!!
Miss E enjoyed herself up to a point but all of a sudden kept coming out to ask when we were going. She'd had enough! I could relate to it really - it's nice to be with lots people for a while, but than that's enough and I want to go home now please!!!
Miss E disappeared off upstairs as soon as we got home and I carried on my efforts at getting up-tp-date with Blip.
She missed Miss L and was at a bit of a loose end for most of the evening. 
Miss L on the other hand Facetimed us several times with increasing craziness. They're having a good time!!

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