Time for a change!

Instead of letting myself be bogged down by domestic chores etc, I got up early and headed for the hills. By 8am I was 112 km/70 miles away, at Blair Atholl, putting on my hiking shoes. 

4 hours and 11 miles/17 km later I’d had my fresh air, exercise and a short escape “from it all”. My route didn’t take me up any big hills - up Glen Tilt, then across to and down Glen Bruar, and then back to Blair Atholl, for those who know the area. It didn’t produce any obvious Blips until I passed through a beech wood almost at the end.

One of my iPhone apps reckons my hike burned off 750 calories. I don’t believe that. And anyway, I didn’t do it to see how many calories I’d use up. But it’s nice to be able to rubbish it and know it doesn’t matter anyway.   

I felt fit, which I enjoyed. The weather was ideal. I only saw other people at the car park and in the village, so for much of the hike it was total solitude. 

Later in the day I checked my blood pressure for the first time in months. 115/65. Ideal. 

Early bed tonight, and I’ll sleep well. How fit will I feel tomorrow?

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