All Change

It has been an interesting day in the world of politics. 

I hear the only way May got her cabinet to sign up to her “deal” on Friday, was to threaten a full enquiry into the Leave campaign’s (alleged) breaches of election law if they didn’t. Another failed strategy…

Apart from that I’ll let events speak for themselves, although I guess we can assume the law breaking won’t be investigated anyway.

Monday was fine at the sharp end of the political spectrum. We had no dramas. We did shut the office 30 minutes early (the Manager’s idea) to mark the fact that it’s July and Parliament is in recess. 

My legs seem to have dealt with yesterday’s hike pretty well. Having said that, a bit of light rain in the early morning meant I wasn’t cycling to work today. 

After dinner I went over to the harbour for some fresh air and a Blip. Maritime Monday.  

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