I took MrQ and Ollie dog with me to see the RAF100 flypast from Stapleford Flight Centre. I photographed the Queen's 90th from here and only a few other people were there to see it. As we approached cars were parked on the verges both sides of the road. I started to get worried as MrQ can't walk far without getting breathless. We were in the old Volvo, which we call Ollie's car and I swerved into a tight space between two lumps of wood and a sign right outside the centre.

As we walked towards the airfield MrQ commented how windy it was. It was blowing a Chinook! What an exciting surprise, the helicopter contingent of the flypast had flown in to wait to join the other aircraft. All their rotors were turning. 

There was a huge crowd of very good-natured people and Ollie was such a good, polite girl. We weren't that close to the actual flypast but it was lovely to see it and made one proud to be British.   


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