When does a bunch become a bouquet?   

Sweet Peas have needed extra tlc this year.  A cold spring held back growth a bit and then in May the temperatures shot up and the drought set in.  A very short window in between for the root development, vital to strong growth and long flowering later.  Without regular watering these would be as brown as the lawn :-/   On the plus side, the plants from an autumn sowing, overwintered in a large pot in the greenhouse then planted out in March, gave me the earliest flowers I've ever had and are some of the strongest plants I've raised in many a year.

A return to Physio for Jamie went well today as did a first visit to his new education provider.  We went on to see Grandma at the home she is in for a couple of weeks, she was looking brighter than for a while.  

Am tired now, have not quite got over the efforts around a busy weekend, something that sleep will fix.  Goodnight all.

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