A time for everything

By turnx3

Unusual covered bridge

We headed further north for our bike ride today, starting from Xenia, and heading north as far as Yellow Springs, a little short of 20 miles return. Shortly before reaching our turn around point, we cycled under this unusual covered bridge. The Richard P. Eastman Hyde Road Covered Bridge in Yellow Springs, which was opened in 2014, is named in honor of Dick Eastman who was the Greene County Engineer from 1974 through 1999. Dick loved covered bridges, raised his family in the area just south of the bridge, and was instrumental in the funding and design of the bikeway the bridge crosses. The new covered bridge replaced a deteriorated steel bridge that had been closed for a year. The new structure is a 77-foot span Howe Truss, which was a popular design in the mid-to-late 1800s. We had a couple of short delays on our ride. Soon after starting, we stopped to help a gentleman who had fallen and was struggling to get up - he was just walking, not on a bike. With the help of another gentleman we got him back on his feet again and we suggested getting him some help or calling someone, but after he’d been on his feet a while, he insisted he was OK, so we continued on. A lady who had stopped was headed in his direction, so she could watch out for him. Then when we turned around, I was having trouble with my saddle and the mounting post. roger struggled with it for a while, and managed to get it back in the correct position. This left us a bit late for getting back home to watch the semi-final game, England vs Croatia, and we missed England’s goal, though of course we saw the replay at half time, but that wasn’t quite the same! It was such a disappointing result - they had been playing so well in the first half, but then just seemed to lose their edge after Croatia scored. However, I think they can be well pleased with their performance throughout the tournament - they did the country proud!

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