Latex dipping

Writing is nature's way of telling us how lousy our thinking is.

One more day of meetup, with a much reduced group of attendees. It goes really well and is punctuated by a delightful lunch at Alpino, the Italian “greasy spoon” at the other end of Chapel market. Spaghetti Carbonara excellente!

On the roof the design company that we’re sharing the space with is dipping woven bags in latex. Just the bottom half, symbolising the transformation that the client company is half-way through. People get paid for this sort of thing evidently.

I’m speaking at SQUID, a meetup hosted at the John Lewis HQ next to Victoria station. I start on time, but talk for longer than allocated. The beer and pizza break is curtailed to get the second speaker on in a timely fashion.

We head to the Greenwood pub, drink Dead Pony, and talk until well after 11. I’ll regret that final gin and tonic tomorrow.

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