Somewhere out there, there is a pure pedigree cat scrapping and rummaging through back-alley bins, while this moggy has the pampered life of Riley (Whoever Riley was...)

I went to my Mum and Dad's today. Just a normal day really. 

Home to watch England's World Cup 3rd place playoff against Belgium. I think they could - and should - have done better. But really, it's the match no-one wants to be in anyway...

We have done a small Morrison's shop too, and now it's time to relax. We had thought about going out, but I've had four days of running like  a dog, and can't face all the rushing around it would have entailed to cook tea, wash up and then get ready to go out of the house on time .  So in with a couple of drinks it is!

Jeri is running Race to the Stones today - I think it's about 50 miles, from the Chilterns to Avebury. It looks like a very lovely scenic place. Not sure I'd want to run it on a hot day though.

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