A Good Day For It!

Today I was up early to send Jae to work with  breakfast in his belly and sandwiches for his lunch. Then it was time to tackle some housework, and then off to town to look at second hand phones in Game. I found one I like the look of so a purchase was made.

Home via the arboretum. Today is the day of the annual community event "Our Big Gig", with a variety of local music acts playing in the bandstand. There's also stalls selling various craft type thing, food, etc. It was extremely well attended, probably due to the wonderful sunny weather.

My Blip is of the singer who was performing songs from the 1930's - 1960's whilst I was walking round the event!

Later on we headed over to see Jeri and the boys. She was resting as much as she could after running her 100 km race yesterday - a bit further than I first thought! She finished in the middle of the pack, despite really suffering due to the heat. She has such determination!

Once home, I tried to get my new phone set up, only to find that it needs a different sized Sim Card! Grrr!! One has been ordered from the provider and I now have to wait the ubiquitous 3 - 5 working days!

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