Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

The old something at the dam

I hiked today for 3 hours in the steamy mountains of South Carolina at one of our state parks.    It was actually bearable because it was overcast but most of the hike was uphill which made for lots of sweating.  We decided to do the strenuous trail..HAHA...which meant climbing over rocks, roots and walking up stone steps.    I was doing okay with this until we came across a little snake in a rhododendren bush..then the roots became snakes.   Not really but I don't like snakes to show up on my hike.    I googled the snake when I got home and it was harmless..but a snake is a snake and our mountains are noted for rattlesnakes and other nasty types.  I want to go back here as there is another trail I want to hike..but it will be in winter when the snakes are sleeping!  

This structure was at the dam built to create a small lake almost at the top of the hill. It still had the gears inside but I don't know what they could have been a grist mill years ago when the land was privately owned or just a way of opening the little gate at the dam to let water out.  

The trail went to the right of the tower, uphill as you can see. The bottom right photo is the top of the tower..that lake is just to the right of this.   

There were many wildflowers and so many different kind of mushrooms.   

A good day for me getting away from the house doing what I love..tromping through the woods among the tall trees.    If you are on Facebook, I posted an album of photos there that shows more of the trail, the flowers and mushrooms..and the snake.  

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