Daddy still smiling

Although still very ill, after three days of hospital treatment my father has perked up a bit. I photographed him this evening in my parents' garden at drinks before baths/showers/television fixing/general faffing about dinner. (I doubt that there are many British families that sit down to eat their evening meal as late as us. It was about 10:30pm by the time we were all gathered around the dining table on this occasion.)

We arrived here by train and bus just before lunch. Both my sisters are here too, each with their partners. We've all been helping around the house and garden today.

My assigned job was to make an Auvergne cherry cake (with gooseberries and redcurrants) for dinner. I also took it upon myself to wash all the tea and coffee containers that line up on the Aga. This was all going well until I dropped a full tin of coffee on the kitchen floor!

Meanwhile my sisters picked fruit in the garden, my brother-in-law strimmed, and Mr hazelh provided technical support indoors for computers, tablets and televisions.

Exercise today: walking, including a brief trot along the Roman Wall at Steel Rigg as a break from duties late afternoon (15,096 steps).

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