Grey squirrel

We used to have red squirrels at my mother's house, but now only grey squirrels visit. Here is one of them, enjoying a snack.

The three of us (me, Mr hazelh and Mummy hazelh) are now back in Edinburgh having travelled home by taxi, train and train. Within an hour of our return Sharon and Nick arrived to spend next week with us. Sharon is participating in the 15th International Congress on the Enlightenment, which takes place in Edinburgh over the next few days. She is also delivering a paper and chairing a panel at the conference. Nick will also be doing some work in Scotland this week so we're pleased to be seeing him in the city this coming week too.

They started their stay with us gathered around the television watching Djokovic (eventually) beat Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon, then switched channels to see England win the cricket world cup. Then we heard that Hamilton won the British F1 grand prix. What a day for sport!

Exercise today: a little walking (8,420 steps).

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