By hazelh

Bedroom window view

It's insane how happy this view makes me, and how much time I spend admiring it from my bedroom window. I cannot wait until the whole garden looks this good in the sunshine.

There is great news today:

1. Mr hazelh added the last photograph and associated text to our 2008/9 photo-book, and has thus closed the gap in the collection. Every photo of significance that we have taken since we met in 1982 is now archived for posterity in one of 27 photo-books. It's taken Mr hazelh almost eight years to create the set. He started scanning old negatives when he first retired in autumn 2012.

2. We have booked a holiday! We are returning to Baile-na-Cille for the rainy season in mid-August.

I slept well last night (hurrah!), enjoyed a morning walk through Holyrood Park, wrote a letter, sent a 'get well soon' card to my colleague Peter (who injured himself badly in a fall from his bike at the weekend), drew at Carcassone against Mr hazelh, worked on my secret recreational project, blogged about my colleague David H's recent best paper award, dug in my garden, and pottered in my yarden.

Exercise today: walking (17,869 steps) and gardening.

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