Coloured hens' eggs

Mummy hazelh and I drove into Hexham this morning to sort out a couple of financial matters related to my late father's estate. While we were there we also had a quick root around most of the charity shops (no purchases made), and visited the market (pies bought for lunch).

Whenever we pass the stalls in the market place I always think of my paternal grandmother and the 'mushroom lady' from one of her most memorable and recounted dreams (always at the insistence of her grandchildren). Of course, there was no mushroom lady laid out today, and there never will be!

This afternoon Mr hazelh, Mummy hazelh and I returned to Hexham to visit Katherina (the Russian Party Princess) and Andrew. They had invited us over for a barbecue, but several heavy downpours put paid to that idea. Instead we barbecued the food outside in the yard, but ate at the dining table indoors. We ended the evening singing to the accompaniment of Mr hazelh and Andrew on guitar.

My blip is of a tray of coloured eggs that were for sale in Hexham market this morning.

Exercise today: minimal walking (5668 steps).

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