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Yes, a Sunday with a difference.

It started with coffee in the garden in my pyjamas at 6am. It was 16⁰c. This is close to a “once in a lifetime” experience in Scotland. Even if the weather is warm and sunny during the day, usually it is cool in the early morning.

By midday I was in Dundee to meet my cousin M for lunch. I’ve seen her once in the last 30-40 years, and that was at a funeral. She wanted my thoughts on a family problem - as an outsider she could trust in terms of an honest opinion. She knows I’m an expert on family problems - loads of experience.

It was nice be be asked, and good to see her, but hard work too. 

I enjoyed the lunch part of it all, and it was in a place I’ve been meaning to try for ages. Good food and service. 

Then back to World HQ via the farm shop to stock up the fridge. 

It rained here in the late afternoon. Since I came home from Lithuania a month ago it has only rained once - briefly overnight. 

I hear France won the football game. I can’t decide if I care. For all my affinity with France and French rugby, it really doesn’t extend to French football. Rugby is the big sport in the southwest, and nobody paid much attention to football - at least in the 70s. Maybe things are different now. Mostly they are. 

Blip - my once in a lifetime experience. At that time of day the only noise was wood pigeons and bees. Quite special. 

Extra - Bridgeview Station in Dundee. I love that shot - a masterclass in how not to compose a photograph. 

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