By dreaming

Baking inside and out

During my trip to Fred Meyer yesterday, I bought the ingredients for my kidney-friendly mini-meatloaves, since I hadn't made them in quite a while.  I would not have made that purchase if I'd realized that today's high would be 89 (and it will continue to be 89 until Thursday!)  But I was able to keep things relatively comfortable in the kitchen by using a table fan and the stove's ventilation fan, and keeping the door to the hall open just a crack for cross-ventilation.  Now they're done, and they will last me several days.  They're not pretty to look at, but they taste good and have lots of fiber as well as protein - and no salt.

I hope you are all having comfortable weekends, whether hot or cool, and have recovered from your endless sports-watching.  I ended my sports week by watching something called the World Cup of Track and Field - a new competition with big prize money for the winning country.  The athletes were only the best of each country, so it was wonderful to be able to see it. Track and field is by far my favorite sport.

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