By dreaming

Not mono

I had planned to use one of the shots I took of this glorious garden as my high/low mono shot for today, but they all look dreadful in mono.  Why doesn't the camera see and record what I see?  This photo doesn't begin to do justice to the real beauty of this garden so lovingly tended by the elderly man walking in front of it.

Overall it was a pretty decent, if muggy, day.  The ultrasound I had last week did indeed find yet another serious medical problem, but I was able to get an appointment with the specialist for Thursday of this week.  That's quick.  The UPS man actually came by and took away that second litter box.  The cleaners were here and straightened up the remaining chaos in the workroom.  And they left me hydrangea again, living ones this time. (Extra)

Yesterday's hours-long stint of continuing the clear-out wore me out, and I plan to spend the rest of today just resting up so I can go at it again tomorrow.  Exhausting but exciting work.

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