By dreaming

Keeping cool

I think it must have been about 95 degrees in my apartment this morning, so it was a relief to have to go back to Fred Meyer to pick up some things I'd forgotten and park  underground.  I had made a list yesterday, then forgot to take it with me.  Today I added to that list and did remember to take it - but I missed something on it for the second time!  

By the time I got home, the sun had moved away from the East and the place was reasonably comfortable with the fans.  Nevertheless, I decided to go to sit in the air-conditioned community room for a while.  I had thought that, with 251 apartments in this building, there would be some other people there, but I am the only one.  Good thing I have a book with me.  I saw these pretty yellow flowers in a vase next to the window above the sink in the kitchen end of the room, so I thought I'd use them to brighten someone else's day.  Believe me, brightness is something I have far too much of here.

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