Busy day today.  First of all I had a doctors appointment.  It was for 9.20am but it was around 9.45 by the time I was seen.  It was a follow up appointment regarding the itchiness I am having - which hasn't got much better whilst taking the tablets the doc prescribed last time.  Today she gave me a prescription for some cream and a different type of anti-histamine tablets.

I went to the chemist to collect them.  The prescription is sent electronically so I just had to tell the staff I was there.  I sat and waited, and waited --- for ages.  In the end I had to ask whether my stuff was ready - it was --- and apparently had been ready for a while  but they had forgotten to call out my name.  Annoying!.

Then I got the bus to the Team Valley Trading Estate to pick up an online order from Traidcraft. They don't have a shop there any more so you have to ring a bell at the warehouse and wait for someone to answer ( more waiting ).  I was given a large box with my two small items in.  Too big for me to carry on the bus so as soon as I saw a rubbish bin I ditched the huge box and was left with two manageable items to put in my shopping bag.

Then I got a bus to Newcastle.  Walked up to Northern Stage to collect a ticket I had booked online. The theatre is in the campus of Newcastle University - and it was graduation day.  The place was packed with students in gowns etc with their proud parents.  Whilst most of the  male students were smartly dressed in suits and ties and shiny black shoes underneath their gowns I saw a few of them in T Shirts, jeans and trainers with gowns over the top.  Is this a thing?  Like Dress Down Friday.... Dress Down Graduation???  It hardly seems likely so its a mystery.

After collecting my theatre ticket I made my way to Greys Monument to meet Neil.  He was off work today  and he asked if I wanted to go for lunch with him. We went to Cote Brasserie.  Its in a lovely old building which used to be a branch of Barclays bank. The food was lovely.  Neil had roast chicken with chips and I had chicken, walnut and avocado salad with croutons. 

I took my blip shot of Neil near the restaurant.  I thought it would be amusing to have the sign " Wooly Minded " in the shot --- and to use the fish - eye lens for a silly effect.  Its not Silly Saturday but maybe it could be Tomfoolery Tuesday. I have put a proper shot of Neil in my Extras as well as one of myself.

After Neil had left to get the bus home I did a bit of shopping in Waitrose.

The weather today was very changeable.  One minute bright sunshine, next heavy rain.  But at least it was warm even in the rain.

Steps today - 15,190

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