Tiny Tuesday .....

Ruby-throated Hummingbird!


It has taken me until now to finally get a decent hummingbird shot! I had almost given up!

Okay .... not really! I have been looking out for these beautiful hummingbirds every single day but we just haven't been seeing them on a regular basis.  

But .... last night as I was sitting on the deck and R was in the pool a hummer came around to the many red flowers that we grow specifically to attract them.  I'm not sure if this is the same hummer as last night but I was so thrilled to see this one come by multiple times throughout the day today.  R was even able to get some pictures when he got home from work.

I sure hope she stays around for a while!  I am thinking this is either a female or possibly an immature male based on the throat markings.  I have added an extra of another picture I took at the same time as the main blip .... only I cropped it tighter. 

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