Capital adventures

By marchmont

Toynbee Hall

Working towards a future without poverty.

Up at 4.30, out at 5.20, struggling through a rammed Edinburgh Airport, empty flight, breakfast in the Cafe at 9.40, then meeting with HR and the real meeting down in Toynbee Hall.

A very gothic, but very echoey room. Great lunch in their cafe and then at the end of the afternoon back to Stansted on a packed train. It's very hot and humid in London.

Now waiting for the flight, home.

Edit: and waited and waited. No explanation, nothing. Eventually about 20 mins before we were due to leave the gate went up. Train to gate 30. Where they were boarding a plane to Germany. Some story about how because it's an international gate and we were domestoc they had to wait till a plane left. We were still sat on the ground at 9.45. Still no explanation. Landed at nearly 11 and eventually found #2 son who'd been travelling for 43.5:hrs. Home just before midnight, 18.5 hours after I left. Ryanair!!!

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