Capital adventures

By marchmont

Rhubarb, rhubarb

The static pic belies my busy day.  I didn't swim as I thought I had a booked call at 9, then I thought it was 9.30, then I realised it was next Friday but anyway the 4th upholsterer arrived early.  There was yet another suggestion for the way forward and you know I'm not good with too many choices.

Laundry and some house stuff.  Ironing and looking for things in the back room that I couldn't find.  And then my shifts for August arrived so I had to update the spreadsheet and I topped it off with buying a ticket for Jacqui Dankworth tomorrow.

Then off, on my bike, to Bonnyrig.  The weather was threatening but luckily it came to nothing until after I was home.  I was impressed I got out to Bonnyrig (7 kms) in 40 minutes.  Ok, on an e-bike but still a feat for me and then of course I had to come back too, slightly faster. Next on the list is Rosslyn.

Spent the evening prepping more rhubarb cordial and watching Judi Dench in Borneo, and checking out Muirs in Dunbar. 

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