Capital adventures

By marchmont

One small step...

It has been trailed all week but it is one of these events where you know where you were when it happened. For me:  Kennedy's assassination, John Lennon's assassination, the Twin Towers, but this anniversary is of happier things, 50 years ago today since Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon.

We were on holiday: camping in Europe, parents, me, sister and my grandmother, over on holiday from her home in Australia.  We were somewhere in the Tyrol between Salzburg and Liechtenstein but not camping, in gasthauses for the night.  My parents were invited by the owners to watch on tv.  In a different gasthaus the three of us had no such invite but we saw it later.  

Meanwhile 50 years on life continues less dramatically.  I swam this morning and then shopped.  The weather has confined me to the house but I've had plenty to do, finish the cordial, feed the starter for a second go at sourdough, iron.  

Off tonight for a last EJBF concert.  Other folk are playing at the Castle.  I'm in the Assembly Hall.  Will there be sound leakage?

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