I was at The Theatre Royal in Newcastle this afternoon to see Dusty - the story of Dusty Springfield.  It started on time at 2pm but around 5 mins later someone came on and said there was a technical hitch.  The audience assumed it was part of the show  - but nothing happened for around 10 mins so we all realised it was real.  Then the Stage Manager came on and said that the actress who was playing Dusty's mother had taken ill and her understudy would be performing.  He said the show would resume in a few mins.  It was more like 20 mins before it started up again.  Apart from this hiccup the show was good.  I obviously knew Dusty Springfield as a singer and remembered all the songs but I knew very little of her private life. Turns out she was bipolar, an alcoholic, she took drugs and self harmed. Its amazing that she had so many hit records, was inducted in the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame - and she was also awarded an O.B.E.

I came straight home afterwards as I had some chores to get on with.  Neil is coming to stay for a few days while his girlfriend is in Berlin to see Ed Sheeran.  So I have been making up his bed and sorting out his room.  I also took delivery of my Asda order so that all needed unpacking and putting away.

The Abstract Thursday challenge is " sportive ".  Didn't have much time to think of anything too creative so I fished out some of Neil's sporty balls.  Cricket, tennis, golf and table tennis.  I put them into a carrier bag and brought them downstairs.  Left them on the floor while I got my camera.  All of a sudden Tino was tearing at the bag trying to get at one of the tennis balls.  Once he got it out he went crazy with it.  Don't think he's ever seen a tennis ball before.  He was rolling on it and batting it around.  So funny to watch him.  I had to wait until he had finished playing until I could  set up my blip shot.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Its 11.05pm now and Neil is due any minute ( hopefully ).  He is still working on the outskirts of Newcastle so it takes ages to get to here.

Steps today - 8,545

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