After yesterdays busy and interesting day I have spent today at home, indoors doing nothing much.

Colin went back to his flat yesterday to collect some things  but he couldn't go inside as it had been fumigated ( the reason for this??  ..........  maybe its best if I remain in ignorance.)  So he went again today and was able to get everything he wanted.  He's going to have an awful lot of stuff to take back when he goes home for good as every time he comes back here he brings more stuff.

The weather was warm today but very dull.  It got very dark around 4pm and then it rained.  So I took my blip shot without stepping outside and just stood at my front door to snap my buddleia or butterfly bush. It used to live in a small pot but it outgrew that and I planted it in the garden a few years ago. Every year it appears to be get taller than the year before. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

Musical link Love Is Like a BUTTERFLY- by Dolly Parton

Steps today - 3,581

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