Got up early - ish as I was expecting a couple of parcels.  After they were delivered I went back to bed.  Later on I had a lazy time mostly watching TV until around 4pm when I got the bus to Gateshead.

Before I left Colin said he might be going home today - and staying -  as he was itching to be back to his own place and get on with some DIY jobs etc.  And he was looking forward to sleeping in his hammock as he isn't comfortable sleeping in a bed. The builders are returning on Tuesday and he needs to be around then anyway to " supervise ". Previous supervision has been done by the Environmental Health lady but she's on holiday now so Colin wants to be on hand himself.

So when I came home from Gateshead I wasn't sure if he would be here on not.  Turns out he wasn't here.  He left a note to thank me for " putting him up .... and putting up with him".  He also left the mouldy banana  as seen in my blip.  He found it at the bottom of his suitcase where it had been lingering for around 4 weeks.  He wrapped it in a serviette and added the words " Zombie Banana". Thought it would be a good blip for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer

Musical link MOULDY Old Dough - By Lieutenant Pigeon.  ( Love Hilda on the piano.  She was the mother of one of the band members.)

Colin has left lots of his stuff here so I'm expecting him to come back at least once to collect it.  He cancelled his Virgin Media while he was away from home and hasn't reinstated it yet so at the moment he has no internet or home phone. ( and he doesn't own a mobile phone ). He can get incoming calls so I will give him a ring a bit later. 

Becky and Mike are in France.  Started off in Toulouse and then moved to Carcasonne and they are now in The Pyrenees.  Going to watch The Tour De France tomorrow.  Becky just sent a message to say that at 10pm the temp was 23 degrees.

Steps today - 6,167

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