Neil was up and out early to run 13 miles.  When I got up I found a pile of very sweaty running kit on the kitchen floor ready for washing.  And I found a very knackered Neil.  He rested until he decided to accompany me to the local shops as he wanted to choose something for his tea.

We shopped in Tesco and then went to the butcher where Neil bought burgers and steak.  My old cookery teacher Mrs Brett was in there so we had a chat.

It has rained most of the day.  Nice warm rain. Welcome rain as the garden needed a good drenching.  My blip for Flower Friday is the Cath Kidston brolly which I bought yesterday and used today for the first time.  The pattern is Rhododendrons.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting.

Looking forward to the Newcastle Blipmeet tomorrow.  Hope the weather is fine.

Steps today - 7,722

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