Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Another long lie in.  Then out into the garden. Weather was a bit cooler and breezier. Good for gardening.  Neighbours next door were having an all day BBQ   Judging by the noise there were a lot of guests.  So I decided not to mow the lawns so as not to disturb them.  Plenty other things I could get on with in the garden instead.  Blip shot shows the bunting from the neighbours garden which kept peeping over my fence when the wind blew. 

Musical link from Swedish group Abba I HAVE A DREAM - one of my favourite Abba songs.

I used my new pan this evening to cook my salmon.  Im very pleased with it.  Definitely non stick and very easy to clean and the salmon was perfect.

Steps today - 5,097 ( 1.99 miles )

CORONA CLASSIC - Carrying on the Swedish theme this is by a Swedish composer  - Erland von Koch - Nordiskt Capriccio 

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