Wattle Bird

I got up and went for a 20 km solo bike ride this morning. I have never done that before and didn't particularly enjoy cycling alone! Still, it felt good to get out and about.

Then home for a spot of breakfast, before taking Abe (see Extra) to the wetlands for a blat. He met lots of lovely adult dogs, who were firm but fair with him. Then we ran back to the car. He was pooped! Yay!

I saw this bird in a tree and photographed it through the window. It flew away as soon as I got outside to try photographing it a little closer.

Then Mr B and I went to pick up a fridge/freezer for a friend of his parents'. 

Then home to catch up with Auntie S for a cup of tea.

Basketball and Mass.

Then home to cook up a storm - sweet potato mash with eye fillet (for Little Miss and Mr B) and kale crisps. Yum.

Abe is fast asleep and so is Nikau. I don't think I'll be far behind them tonight.


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