A day in London

Back blipped on 21st

We spent a day in London yesterday.  First we walked from Liverpool Street Station to the Barbican for a photographic exhibition - thanks to Mr A for mentioning it and sorry you're missing it.  We found Dorothea Lange's work inspiring - wonderful thought provoking pictures.  I was particularly interested in the fact that, when doing a portrait, she didn't necessarily try to get the whole body into the photo, but would hone in on a particular bit - legs seemed to be a favourite.

I tried for a couple of "legs" photos, but didn't really have the leisure time to sit and observe, and pick the best opportunities, so I am not happy with what I got.  

We had lunch between viewing Lange's bit of the exhibition and the part featuring photos by Vanessa Winship.  Again, some thought provoking images, but in general, I have to admit I didn't find those quite as inspiring.  The exhibition is open till 2nd September, and well worth a visit if you have time.

We then walked down to St Pauls tube station, only to find that the down escalator was not functioning, and I refused to walk down 100 steps, so we walked back to Bank.  From there to Lancaster Gate, and a walk through Hyde Park.  Last time I walked through there, I was with Z, and we stopped to see the parrots.  This time, the parrots seemed to be everywhere - I suppose this hot weather is making them feel at home - but I felt some concern for our native wildlife.

On to the Albert Hall for a prom concert.  We were sitting in the choir, behind the orchestra, so with an excellent view of the pianist.  I thought I would try a Lange inspired portrait of one of the cameramen.

After the concert, it's quite a long walk back to the tube station to get back to Liverpool Street station, which we had to try to do relatively quickly, as we wanted to catch the 2230 train.  There is a later train, but not until 2330, and we didn't really want to be that late home!

All in all, an enjoyable day out, but my pedometer tells me I walked 13,500 paces, and so it's not surprising my leg is aching this morning.  I'll need to take it easy for a couple of days.

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