If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Water Lily

Our Wednesday out with Kanyl.  At the garden centre I wanted to see how the cygnets were doing.  A clutch of 6 all still there and thriving.  I was a little worried as over our last view visits "Dad" has been notable by his absence.  Not there again.  I think he must have flown into a wire or something, it has been a fe weeks now.

While at the pond I always have a look for the couple of dinner plate sized Red Eared Terrapins (Sliders for our american readers).  They must have been released by somebody when they got too big to comfortably house at home.  No sign I am wondering if it is just because of the thick vegetation of one of the winters has been too much for them.

The blip is one of the lilies adorning the pond.  There is no scale but the leaves were bigger than large dinner plates.

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