By Viewpoint

I wondered if this might be `Chicken of the Woods'

It’s not a fungus that I know, which goes for most of them, but I spotted it as we were about the leave Bagger Wood.  At first I thought it might be some left over autumn leaves and was surprised to find this fungus.  There were several signs of Autumn coming including red berries on the younger Rowan trees.  And the land is so dry and yellow, which is partly why I posted my extra today.  I’m not sure how farmers as going to cope this year, already the sheep in the photo have so little left to eat.

We stopped off in Hood Green to talk to Liz and Brian who are having major alterations/ additions to their house which is bound to be taking it’s toll.  We want them to take care of themselves while all this is going on.  It was bad enough when we had our kitchen re-done.

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